Why Not Birds? Go birdwatching with a guide

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Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? offers guided birdwatching tours

Join us and go birdwatching!

Why not have a unique experience in a holiday, the weekend, or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birding tour!

We offer and arrange private guided birdwatching tours in Denmark and southern Sweden – the perfect choice for you who like to go on a tour alone, with friends or family. Our birdwatching tours are always in small groups!

Our tours always take place in small groups. We arrange birding tours to different locations, like Møn and Nyord, in the Copenhagen area (e.g. Urban Birding and Vestamager). We can also arrange birdwatching tours in Southwest Zealand (Sydvestsjælland), e.g. Borreby Mose and Stigsnæs.

We offer birding tours of different duration and activity levels (light, moderate, high).

If you are a larger group, we can also arrange tours for you. Occasionally we also organize birding tours that are open to everyone.

Join us for some birdwatching – why not? Read more at Why Not Birds?