A Three-toed Sloth, a small motmot and Raúl

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Saturday, 28. October [English summary of original Danish text].

A tour to La Minas Road and a tour to Watercress Road was on the program for the day. Both tours began a few minutes drive from Canopy Lodge and again it was roadside birding but today the time was spent on foot.

Both tours produced many birds and many species and especially on the morning tour we were lucky with some mixed species flocks with warblers, antbirds og vireos. We also had flycatchers some hummingbirds and one Orange-bellied Trogon. The owl species of the day was a pair of Tropical Screech-Owls in a palm tree (or some kind of tree).

And we finally succeeded and saw our first sloth – a Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth. When the day finished we actually had seen five Three-toed Sloth.

Probably the best bird of the day was the uncommon Tody Motmot. We saw two birds – one very briefly though.

We had the pleasure of Raúl the owner of Canopy Tower Family joining us at dinner. He told that a Harpy Eagle was seen at Canopy Tower today. Raúl is a very nice and likeable man with an growing interest of Vikings after watching Vikings on Netflix.