Birding and Travel

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Birding – birdwatching – and traveling are some of the best things to do and enjoy in life!

At least that’s what we think, and since you’re reading this, you might think the same. Or maybe you’re just curious – and that’s all right. Our blog is called Albicilla Explorer and is mainly about our experiences of watching birds, about our travels. Sometimes we write about the concerts we go to and the music we listen to.

Birding can be done anywhere. You can watch birds in your backyard, at the local wetlands and even in big cities you can watch birds. And of course, you can go to remote places in the wild nature and see some birds other than those you know back home.

That is perfect if you like us loves to travel and discover other places. It gives you the opportunity for many exciting experiences with birds and nature around the world. At the same time you can experience other cultures and meet exciting, inspiring and interesting people along the way.

When we are not out birding or travel, we like to listen to music and therefore we also like to go to concerts and music festivals. And the good thing about music is that this can also be done many places in the world.

Bente & Uffe
Albicilla Explorer