Blue Cotinga, Puffbird and Independence Day

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Friday, 3. November [English summary of the original text in Danish].

Today is Independence Day in Panama. The proportion has gone on for long and everywhere we have seen the beautiful Panamanian flag – on houses, cars and even on bridges under construction.

The morning began at the top of the Tower with hot coffee and the amazing view over the rainforest, Panama City and parts of the Panama Canal. During the morning we had many ‘good bird that one’ like the Green Shrike-Vireo, Scarlet-rumped Cacique, and Cinnamon Woodpecker.
The first tour of the day was to Old Gamboa Road near the Panama Canal. We were the same team as yesterday.

At the first pond, we saw Boat-billed Heron and Lesser Kiskadee. We then followed the old road where you are only allowed to go by foot. It took two hours to walk the 500 meters before we turned around and headed back to the car. But we did also see and hear some good birds. To mention a few  – Jet Antbird, White-bellied Antbird, Southern Bentbill, Blue-capped Manakin and Olivaceous Picolet.

Almost back at the car Bente spotted a male American Pygmy Kingfisher perch low over the water. Tim who already had returned to the car had seen a Grey-headed Kite perch rigth about the car. As we were leaving, the bird fortunately returned and we could add it to our list.

Back at the Tower we went for something to drink and suddenly Bente spotted one of our absolute most wanted bird on the target list – Blue Cotinga. It was a male and what a beuatiful bird it is – and it’s Blue. You can see for yourself in Bentes photo below.

We stayed for some time on top of the Tower to look for raptor migration. We talked a little with Katrina – the hawk counter. She is monitoring the raptor migration from Canopy Tower.
There were not much migration going in when we where there. A few Turkey Vultures, one Peregrine Falcon and a Merlin was on passage. The rest was resident raptors hanging around. And then there was the fine Black-breasted Puffbird perching near the Tower.

In the afternoon we went birding at Ammo Ponds where actually had good views of White-throated Crake. Other birds worth mentioning is Rufescent Tiger-Heron, Straited Heron, Purple Gallinule og Band-rumped Swift.

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