The famous Pipeline Road

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Saturday, 4. November [English summary of the original text in Danish].

The morning was very foggy and you could only see the nearest trees. But anyways – at the top of Canopy Tower is still a good place for the morning coffee.

It was raining a lot when we were driving to the famous Pipeline Road. It was serious rain – not heavy rain.

After some waiting, it stopped raining so we could go birding the Pipeline Road. It was only us and our guide Tino. Pamela and Tim decided to stay at the car.

It was quiet in the forest even after the rain. But we saw good birds and nice ones – eg. Golden-crowned Spadebill, Grey-breasted Antpitta, Southern Bentbill, Song Wren, White-flanked Antwren og Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher.

After lunch, a Mississippi Kite and a Swainson’s Hawk were the most interesting things we saw. Shortly after again and thunder was passing directly above the Tower.

It was still raining when we were driving to Chagres River and Gamboa Resort. Fortunately, it stopped raining when we arrived.

We had our forth Puffbird – a White-necked Puffbird.

From a trail, we found a spot with many birds like Yellow-backed Oriole, Whooping Motmot, Blue-capped Manakin – a nice male,  Rose-throated Ant-tanager, two species of antshrikes and a Black-bellied Wren. Before we returned to the car vi had a Great Tinamous.

It was quitely a the tower this evening. We are only four guests, our guide Tino, the hawk counter Katrina – and one of the kitchen staff.

Tomorrow it will be us leaving Canopy Tower and we have therefore No tours but we’ll have plenty of time to bird from the tower before we are going to the airport.

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