High elevation birding in two continental zones

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Wednesday, 1. November [English summary of the original text in Danish].

Today was a full day of high elevation birding in the cloud forest Altos del Maria. 

Again the 4WD (low) was in use due to the very steep but paved roads.

Today was both roadside birding and trail birding on both sides of the continental divide between the Caribbean and Pacific Slope.

The weather constantly changed from fog to rain as the clouds inrolled the landscape. But of course there’s a reason why it’s called a cloud forest. We did see the sun very briefly a couple of times during the day.

Birdwise it was a very good day. Especially the odd Black-crowned Antpitta and the small cute White-throated Spadebill made joy. But so did the Brown-billed Schytebill –  a woodcreeper with a long curved bill.

We did see other species like Spotted Barbtail, Sulphur-rumped FlycatcherBlack GuanOrange-bellied Trogon, White-ruffed ManakinCommon Chlorospingus and a female Snowcap. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any Yellow-eared Toucanet despite hard work trying. A species high ranked in the target list. During the day we had several mixed-species flocks of mainly Chlorospingus, tanagers and warblers.

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