Music Festival at Vestmøn

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Last weekend in August – or actually Friday and Saturday (August 27 – 28) – we went to the festival Høst Møn 2021 for the first time – and it was a really good experience, where the music and atmosphere were super cool.

Høst Møn is a small festival organized by some enthusiastic people connected to the Møn and Danish music industry. The first time the festival was held was in 2018. Only interrupted by corona in 2020 – it has since been held at Møn Camping at Hårbølle Strand Friday-Saturday in the last weekend in August.

Actually, this was supposed to have a “real” blog post about our experiences at the festival. But, maybe due to a writing block, it didn’t happen. Instead, this is an edited version of a kind of music review from my personal Facebook page written during the festival.

Tremolo Beer Gut - Høst Møn 2021
The Tremolo Beer Gut – Høst Møn 2021
The Music Friday

Tremolo Beer Gut – opened the festival with some cool old-school instrumental surf-rock, spiced up with a smoke machine solo and hula hoop show! There was no doubt that the band enjoyed themselves – we did too – and that they enjoyed playing – 4 stars.

The Communions. A concert I had been looking forward to. The style is in the indie-rock genre and they delivered an excellent shy shoegazer set. Unfortunately, some of their elegant sounds were drowned out in the live versions – 

Sista Bossen – a Swedish band I didn’t know, but who pleasantly surprised me. With high-octane punk rock and a very enthusiastic and intense lead singer who proclaimed towards the end of the concert that – “ we only do it for money! ” was really fired up for an equally enthusiastic audience. Probably Friday’s best concert – 5 stars.

Sista Bossen_- Høst_Møn 2021
Sista_Bossen – Høst_Møn 2021.

Iceage – the punk rock band that you have especially been able to hear on P6Beat for the past year or two. I had also looked forward to hearing them, but this evening they disappointed me and did not live up to my expectations. It was probably mostly because their “we’re-so-cool-and-raw” attitude seemed just right – and together with the chosen set list, the concert experience gave an uneven flow. It seemed like they didn’t really care – and the band only played the “Corona” song Lockdown Blues during the sound check.

Maybe it was the rainy weather during the sound check that meant they didn’t really care on Friday night on Møn? To be fair, it must be said that it is of course annoying when the sound on stage is not what you want it to be and annoying when the microphone cable falls out several times – then you might get a little angry – they get 3 stars. Maybe I’m a bit harsh in my judgment because their music is cool enough.

Iceage - Høst Møn 2021.
Iceage – Høst Møn 2021.

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The Music Saturday

Barbro had the perhaps somewhat thankless task of opening the festival’s second day – in the rain! But Barbro and the band were ready, and their joy and empathy spread to us and the rest of the audience who turned up in the rain on Saturday afternoon. Although in Barbro’s sound and compositions, you can find and move in different genres such as folk, storytelling, the more rock, and even some jazz, it doesn’t get messy. In my opinion, one of the festival’s best concerts – 4 stars.

Barbro - Høst Møn 2021.
Barbro – Høst Møn 2021.
Brimheim - Høst Møn 2021.
Brimheim – Høst Møn 2021.

Brimheim. High expectations are not always fulfilled – but they did on Saturday when Brimheim was on stage. There was energy, raw noisy guitars, melancholy, and a big vocal. I had the experience of moving in a mixture of Chelsea Wolf and Tim Burton’s adventure universe. Brimheim delivered the festival’s best concert – 5 stars.

Camilla Munch – was probably the artist at the festival who mixed the most electronic elements into the music. Unfortunately, the band did not manage to capture the audience – at least there were many who stood and talked, and when the first numbers stopped very abruptly and unexpectedly, the audience only discovered, far too late, when to applause. Later, the tracks flowed together in transitions. Although there were ok moments in the music, the band didn’t capture me – it was simply too boring. It will only be – 2 stars.

A magical carriage – from day to night

Magisk Vogn  [carriaage] – maybe not the correct name – was a fun and interesting intermission element between the afternoon and evening concerts. Magisk Vogn can best be described as technology and physics meeting art and ambient. All wrapped up in steampunk. But really interesting and something that everyone, from the smallest children to the oldest adults, found fascinating.

Magisk Vogn - Høst Møn 2021.
Magisk Vogn – Høst Møn 2021.

Prisma. I only knew one or two tracks with the band and didn’t really have any expectations. But hold on – what energy and joy they managed to send beyond the edge of the stage! And the band themselves were completely overwhelmed by the response from the audience. Very close to the festival’s best concert – 4 stars.

We have seen Mammut – the Icelandic band twice before. It was Mammut’s first live performance since 2019. Therefore they were very happy to come out and play to an audience. And it was a good concert, where the charismatic lead singer came to the fore. Especially in the first part of the concert, both the music and the audience were busy. Unfortunately, the concert lost some of the energy along the way – but they get 4 stars.

Prisma - Høst Møn 2021.
Prisma – Høst Møn 2021.
Mammut - Høst Møn 2021.
Mammut – Høst Møn 2021.

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